Watoto Vision on Africa

Watoto Vision on Africa (WVA) a national NGO was founded on 20thJune 2011 in Kigali,   by local Rwandan Nationals. The purpose was to provide sustainable livelihoods intervention opportunities to support the most vulnerable communities both in the urban and rural areas of the country consequently to have access to better education for our children, adequate primary health care, self-reliance and economic empowerment, environmental protection, respect the ideals of human rights, peace, good governance and eventually improved sustainable community development.

Our Story

Subsequent to series of consultative meetings in Kigali and outside of Rwanda, the founders responded to the urgent need of Rwanda people and contributed into the development of their country rehabilitation and reconstruction after years of destructive conflicts and successive droughts and famines which led to the total collapse of socio-economic and political institutions.

WVA’s development intervention programs are holistic, people-cent led community and sustainable livelihoods approaches are adopted for all WVA strategic and short-term program focus in Rwanda.

WVA sustainable livelihoods program interventions only add to the current developmental commitments in Rwanda, by utilizing principally home-ground solutions to vulnerable community challenges and needs. WVA corresponds to the existing international and national development strategies.

our location

WVA is registered under the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in the Department of Education and governance

Its headquarters are situated in Cell of Akamatamu, Jabana Sector, Gasabo District