The vision of WVA is a society where children, youth and their communities are empowered and enjoy their Rights.

With a mission of promoting sustainable development and well being of children, youth and their communities; through environmentally sound interventions while focusing on equity, good governance, justice, democracy and human rights.

We are also engaging in capacity building to primary school teachers, participate in motivation to pupils in science education and advocacy for conducive environment of schools both materials and non-materials such as books and infrastructure (laboratory, playing grounds and clean water), all these activities have brought a positive results and members of our forum have been trained both locally and international to add value in our policy and maintain results.

WVA has strategically engaged on problem solving and advocacy on research and policy analysis on inclusive and equitable quality education, carry out research and advocacy on girls education, research and advocacy on obstacles to universal free education, research on the relevancy of education skills to the labor market, research on the status of harmonization of education curriculum and standards within the East African Community (EAC), research on the level of integration and implementation of SDG4 in the education policies and carry out the levels of satisfaction of citizens on the quality of education.

Citizen Mobilization Campaign on the Access of Disabled Children to Quality Education in Kamonyi and Muhanga Districts

WVA and its partners (local administration and team leaders of education sector) of the district of Kamonyi and Muhanga come to discuss the access of Disabled Children to Quality Education (inclusive education).

The District Education Officer of Kamonyi District, suggests that WVA to support on community awareness campaign to identify children with disabilities who are not attending school, it was realized in the in previous meetings that there is still a perception of parents to keeps children with disabilities at their promises due to lack of education and thus they need a support to identify these problem and all children identified to be sent to school, these tasks which Watoto Vision on Africa has accepted will be discussed as way forward with two district (Kamonyi and Muhanga) to plan its feasibility and implementation.
She’s so proud to be in school
Children sharing their knowledge about their rights
He likes music and dancing during break time